50 Restaurants Across the U.S. That Have Cult Followings

One of the best parts of traveling is the opportunity to try all kinds of new food. A destination's cuisine tells you so much about the culture and history of the place, and sampling local eats is an easy way to fall in love with a city. While searching for "best restaurants" in any given city is helpful, you often fall into tourist trap territory. But we're here to serve as a guide so you never have to face that situation.

We've broken down a list of cult-favorite restaurants in every U.S. state that are beloved by not only tourists but most importantly, locals. Make sure you visit these spots the next time you head to one of these places.

Hawaii: Lineage in Maui

Asian fusion food is at its finest at Lineage. Founded by James Beard nominee chef Sheldon Simeon and now headed by his protege, MiJin Kang Toride, the cuisine of this casual restaurant mixes everything you love about Hawaiian food with traditional Asian eats from around the globe. You can expect to try everything from dim sum to kim chee dip, and katsu to sinigang.


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