Eli Mahl

Eli Mahl has worked for The Festival Companies for 5 years. Eli is an integral part of The Festival Companies’ development, investment and asset teams, coordinating and administrating development and entitlements, redevelopment and value add projects, acquisitions and dispositions, financial underwriting and execution of investment business plans.

Eli began his career with Combined Properties, in a hybrid leasing and development role. He later joined the Wells Fargo Commercial Real Estate Group and during his tenure, he provided underwriting for real estate construction and permanent loans for properties across the United States. After leaving Wells Fargo he worked for a boutique private equity fund, before joining The Festival Companies.

Eli Mahl received his BA in Public Policy, Planning, and Development with a focus in Real Estate Development from the University of Southern California, as well as a Masters of Urban Planning with an emphasis in Economic Development.

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